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Between the Lines: Melissa Grunow

WMUK 102.1 NPR with Zinta Aistairs, November 3, 2016
“It becomes abundantly clear to a reader when you’re holding something back,” she says. “You have to tell yourself, 'I’m going to crack myself wide open on the page, because I’m doing this for something bigger than myself' — and that’s the art and craft of writing.”

Q&A with Author Melissa Grunow
Chat About Books Blog, August 17, 2016
"The support I got from others while I was working on my memoir was invaluable, and it’s time for me to pay it forward."

Author Interviews Series
BlondeWriteMore Blog, July 30, 2016
"For me, the best thing about being a writer is it provides a platform for my voice and ideas and has the potential to be revolutionary."
What, Why, How: Nonfiction Writer Melissa Grunow
Linda K Sienkiewicz's Blog, June 9, 2016
"A good story isn’t just a well-written experience; it’s a universal truth that connects with individuals on all levels and seeks answers to unanswerable questions."

Novel Talk - Interview with Melissa Grunow
Indyfest Magazine #95, May 9, 2016
"I can tune out the whole world when I read a good book, but writing requires a tremendous amount of concentration."

Motown Writers Author Feature
Michigan Literary Network, April 27, 2016
"I find writing to be a chronic struggle because I’m such an obsessive perfectionist that I fight with myself over every single word. Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done at all."

Author Spotlight
The Writer's Treasure Chest, April 21, 2016
"I adore imagery and am fascinated by the way writers can play on denotative and connotative meanings of words to add new meaning to a descriptive paragraph."

Interview with Memoir Author Melissa Grunow
Infinite Pathways, February 29, 2016
"After college, I took a ten-year break from writing. It wasn’t planned or intentional. I just didn’t have the compulsion to craft anything new. Honestly, I think I needed those ten years to live."




Author Interviews

Melissa Grunow

Review: Realizing River City by Melissa Grunow
Angela L. Eckhart, Hippocampus, Sept. 1, 2016
"Grunow’s writing is vulnerable yet strong, and she delivers her stories with the voice of someone who isn’t afraid to admit she seems to consistently attract the wrong men."

Story Circle Book Reviews: Realizing River City
Diane Stanton, Story Circle Network, August 25, 2016
"Honesty and straightforwardness are the hallmarks of this book, and it is Grunow's transparency that fueled this reader."

Book Review: Realizing River City
Beth Rodgers, Author, August 11, 2016
"Readers will instinctively feel connected with her and her troubles, as well as her strengths in the face of adversity."

#BuyThisBook: Realizing River City
649point133, August 8, 2016
"I also love that this book just sucked me back into re-reading it for about a half hour while I was looking for my favorite passage because it’s so damn good."

Book Review: Realizing River City: A Memoir
Literary Arts Review, March 7, 2016
"This book carries you along a swirling river to the end, to a peaceful riverbank where the dangerous waters of abuse cannot reach."

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