Interview with Melissa Grunow, Author of I Don't Belong Here
The Muffin, blog of WOW! Women on Writing

September 22, 2018

"I break a rule when I’m writing: I don’t think about audience. If I did, I would never be able to really dig into the darkest depths of what it is that I’m writing about."

Giving Voice to the Unspeakable: A Conversation with Melissa Grunow

The Coil Magazine

September 10, 2018

"Feeling isolated (whether it be self-inflicted or socially constructed) is both comforting and maddening. I could scream, or I could write about it. For me, it didn’t feel like I had any other choices. I had to write this book. I had to tell these stories."

Interview with Detroit Author Melissa Grunow
The D Brief

August 24, 2018

"There is a war on women in this country, and anyone who denies that simply isn’t paying attention."

Life and Work with Melissa Grunow


Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative Series

June 12, 2018

"My advice for other women, particularly young women, who are writing personal essays or memoir is to prioritize your commitment to craft and to the truth. If you constantly worry what people might think when the work is published, then you’re never going to finish it."

Review: I Don't Belong Here by Melissa Grunow

Hippocampus Magazine

Review by Ashley Supinski

​"Grunow has used the titles and content of these essays to weave her collection together, all under the umbrella of the “otherness” she feels and how that has affected her at various points in her life."

Official Review: I Don't Belong Here

Reviewed by Online Book Club

"I Don't Belong Here by Melissa Grunow is a collection of essays describing brief events wherein some of the deepest and truest emotions are felt by people. The essays talk about love, loss, hope, disappointment, struggle and pain." Book Review

Reviewed by Paige Jeanty

"Her lyrical vulnerability transports the reader to a place of complete and utter empathetic understanding."

Ann Arbor Book Society: On the Shelf

Reviewed by Michael A. Ferro

"Grunow’s collection certainly isn’t for the faint of heart; there’s plenty of grit, sorrow, and a hefty dose of fierce determination—all aspects of being a female in modern America."

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Book Review

Reviewed by Christian Sia

"This book is a powerful tool that creates a strong awareness of how our indifference, violence, and rejection can hurt others and rob them of their humanity."

The Painful Process of Adulthood: On Melissa Grunow's I Don't Belong Here

The Volt Book Reviews on The Coil

​Review by Cetoria Tomerlin

"Grunow is proficient at dropping loaded sentences within a larger narrative. While reading a tightly constructed essay, you’ll get walloped with a line that takes you a minute to digest, causes you to reflect, to pause for meaning."

Book Review and Giveaway: I Don't Belong Here (Essays) by Melissa Grunow

The Muffin, blog of WOW! Women on Writing

Reviewed by Renee Roberson 

"Grunow’s writing is rich, lyrical, and draws parallels that one would never even think of, making for a savory reading experience."

"This is a book whose moment in history is exactly now." -Sue William Silverman



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