Melissa Grunow


“I found it most helpful and the feedback from both Ms. Grunow and the rest of the class should help my writing. I am much more aware of some of my bad habits. I appreciate (the) help I got.”

“I learned more about what a personal essay is and gained experience in critiquing. The instructor's feedback was helpful and encouraging.”

“The materials and sample essays were diverse and excellent.”

“I found the class to be well balanced between learning more about the form of personal essays and drafting new essays. Ms. Grunow was extremely helpful in giving both appreciation of aspects of my writing and offering suggestions for improvement.”

“Melissa Grunow did a great job of presenting material and organizing the class with lecture, readings, and writing assignments. She was easy to get in touch with and very responsive to questions and problems. I am new to online classes and this was a very positive experience for me.”  

“Very well organized, excellent readings, prompt instructor responses, well thought out lessons. I would definitely take another class from this instructor.”

"ASHES, ASHES: Writing Personal Narratives About Childhood" Online Course

August 5-September 1, 2018

Hosted by WOW! Women On Writing


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​Description: This workshop will guide students to write narratives of childhood experiences and memories using different assigned readings and writing prompts as inspiration. Lessons and prompts will emphasize voice and memory excavation using different forms and techniques to write about your childhood in honest and engaging ways. Methods can be adapted for novice and advanced writers who want to strengthen their craft. Feedback will be provided by both instructor and peers.

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